Women's Softball

The Topsfield Women’s Softball League is an over 25 league with 8 teams.  We play with no umpires, no balls or strikes, and use one page of simple rules that exclude sliding, bunting, leading, and pass balls. The games are fun  and competitive in a low-key way, and the skill levels of the players range from women who played in high school and college to some who have never played before.

The games are played every Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. starting June 18th and ending August 20th at Pyebrook Park in Topsfield. The cost per player is $35.  

Please contact Anna Ganick with any questions: anna.ganick@gmail.com

New players must reside in Topsfield/Tri-town. Please complete the registration through SportsPilot: 


TAA Women Softball Rules

TAA Women's Softball Rules

Revised May 2011


1.         All players must be over 25 years of age, sign a registration form and pay applicable fee.

2.         Games will consist of 7 innings; no inning is to start after 7:45 p.m..

3.         Weather cancellations are determined by team captains, who are then responsible to notify their teammates.

4.         For safety, no one is permitted outside fenced area during play, except the on deck batter, base coach or captain.

5.         Each team will field ten (10) players, four (4) of which will be outfielders.

6.         The batting order will consist of all players present.

7.         Pitchers will pitch from a minimum of 40 feet with an arc, consistent with softball slow pitch rules.

8.         A batter CAN strike out by swinging and missing on the third strike. 

9.         A batter hit by a pitch does get awarded first base.

10.       Captains will intervene if, after 10 pitches, a batter is still at the plate.

11.       A batter must make it to first before a pinch runner is assigned.

12.       Stealing, leading or intentional bunts are not allowed.

13.       Runners can't advance on any balls that get by the catcher.  Runners can leave the base only when the ball makes contact with the bat.

14.       Interference/Obstruction Rule: A fielder may not obstruct the runner unless in the act of making a play or runner is awarded the next base. A runner will be called out if she interferes with a defensive player making a play.

15.       A maximum of 7 runs may be scored in one inning per team. At the last at bat, the losing team may score more than 7 runs, but only to tie the game.

16.       Teams may share a catcher, who will not be responsible to make a play against her own team.

17.       A batted fair ball that enters the woods on the fly is a homerun. A batter who hits a fair ball that rolls into the woods will be awarded the base she is running towards when the fielder reaches the point of entry.

18.       Sliding or diving into a base will result in the runner being called out.

19.       No alcohol permitted on the property.

20.       An overthrow out of play will result in the runner being awarded the next base, unless the runner is more than 3/4 way to the base, she will be awarded the next base plus one.

21.       Play is dead when ball is returned to the glove of the player on pitcher's mound.

22.       The base coaches are responsible for making safe/out calls.  The catcher calls fair or foul on batted balls.

23.       Most importantly -This is a recreational league, have fun and be safe.